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Counselor Keith Dorscht Creator of The Communication Cure.

Who would have thought that an online platform could produce better communication in families and marriages than attempting the same conversations on your own? The Communication leverages the power of technology to facilitate face to face conversation in the comfort of your home. 

Develop communication skills to improve your life, at home, at work, and everywhere. 

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to brain-based heart level change:

They Say

Heidi H.

Wife & Mother

"This provides a platform of open and safe expression. Makes you think and share in ways that may seem trivial yet they go to the root of your being."

Dr. Jason Wiebe

Husband & Father

"I have searched out countless resources to improve my communication with my family and with my patients ... this one, we actually use. Enough said.

About Keith.

On one of our weekly Saturday night dates, walking through the beautiful Garden of the Gods. Nancy and I have made a practice of dating each other for the past 25 years of our marriage.

Six kids later we look back at how important that decision was for the health of our relationship. Yeah, six kids, you wouldn't know it by looking at us ;)

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